Sustainability Pledge

We are committed to taking action to help protect the natural world. This starts by using locally sourced ingredients and producing our sauce at facilities that hold the same values as we do. We will use our voice to advocate for responsible usage of the outdoors. We pledge to donate 1% of profit each year to conservation efforts. This year, we will focus on efforts close to home. At the beginning of 2022, we adopted a 2 mile stretch of Highway 395 just a few miles North of Bishop, CA. We will be splitting our end-of-year donations for 2021 between the following organizations:
- The Mono Lake Committee
- The Eastern Sierra Conservation Corps
- The Wildlands Conservancy
Usage of outdoor recreation zones are at unprecedented highs. Increased traffic significantly increases the impact on our natural systems. Please remember to abide by the principles of Leave No Trace whenever you recreate. See you on the trail.